Change color of fader in mixer?


How can i change the color of the fader in mixer?

If i want to use the light theme, then the fader is almost not visible.


I think the light theme is pretty much ok and in sync. Didn’t saw other issues so far, but can i change it somehow?
I looked into the theme manager but i couldn’t find an object for the fader(or it has some other name that don’t know). I presume it’s not hardcoded in the source?

(something weird is happening, (the first sentence doesn’t exist in the textfield?)

@cajmere: the light theme needs a loving, dedicated maintainer. although i made some effort to keep it in sync with the dark theme during 3.0 development, i really didn’t manage to keep it where it should. i am sure you will find more issues with it as you continue using it.

I’ve started changing the ardour light theme:This is what i’ve got so far.

  • I love to be able to change 'white' color of the plugin frame in the mixer, but it's stuck to the base background color as far as i know, so i think something has to be changed in source code.
  • If a track is selected, the track base color is changing to blue-purple. Would like to change that to, but haven't found it yet how to change.
  • Want to change the look of the buttons and dropdown menu's, like in the midi track, too but it's probably some gtk theme thing. But as far as i search, i'm not able to change it?
  • On the right and bottom side of the midi channels , there's a line. Want to git rid of it, or give it same color as background.
  • Another mix fader would be nice also. Something like on real hardware mixers, but probably something in sourcecode i think?
Does anyone has little bit of knowledge how to change one of those things?:-)

Thank you


Good luck getting mix faders, it’s been brought up a few times over the years and usually gets shot down pretty quickly :). In Ardour 2 you could at least paste in your own Fader png files but as far as I know that stuff is no longer handled with image files but is written right into the gtk2 code. (I could be wrong).

If it is not possible, it’s not a disaster. It doesn’t bother me. The other one’s do(a little ;-)).


That’s starting to look pretty good. Do you intend to share the theme file at some point?


Yes i will share it. But not yet ;-). I saw it today on a crt-screen and it looked different then on my laptop.
Going to check it on the screens of my desktop if it’s looking different also.

On the CRT-screen it had more of a brown color, while on my laptop it’s more gray. When it’s finished like i want or when it’s not possible to change more, i’ll share it here. Maybe next weekend if got time enough to work on it.

I’m definitely looking for a new theme, but this one doesn’t do too much for me.

The best GUI I have worked with over the last few years is Pro Tools. The colors & contrast are the easiest on me old eyes out of ANY other DAW I have used…

Now if the underlying software was only as good as it’s looks! LOL

I did little bit of work this evening/night at the theme. Change color little bit, it’s little bit darker, but i’m planning to do also lighter version maybe.
I used murrine as engine instead of clearlooks. Personally, i think it’s becoming better.

Hmm definitely has promise. Keep us updated here, I am curious to see how this turns out.


little update. changed couple buttons little bit. But i think i will change the record button again. Little bit hard-looking. Going to make it little bit softer i think.

@cajmere: Currently I like the light theme of your second post, very very much. Everything is transparent, while even the drop down Menu is suddenly readable for me. I am actually still an observing candidate as far as Adour 3 goes, i.e. haven’t purchased a package yet. But concluding from the screenshots around the forum and especially on the start page. It has always been hard for me to figure out what the buttons were actually labeled at first glance…somehow the dark theme tends to swallow the brightness of the text

@t0bY, The dark theme is also very good readably. But on the start page & some other screenshot it’s not that clear because it’s also smaller then on normal screen.

here some screenshot on my laptop (1440x900resolution)

There also a light theme included in Ardour, but haven’t got it anymore since i started changing it :-).
But i planning to have also a dark & light one. But i’m still searching how to change some stuff.

example: I changed the color of mute(blue) & solo(yellow) buttons. But if i open the editor list view, then mute is still yellow and solo green, but i don’t find where i can change it.

cajmere: as noted elsewhere, themeing is not centralized. the icons in the listview are png images, and are not themeable other than by replacing the images themselves.