Change Bar 1 in Bar/beats ruler

Very new to Ardour and computer recording in general so forgive me if this is a dumb question - but is it possible to set the bar/beats ruler so that bar 1 is other than at the position?
I understand if it’s not and there is perhaps a different way to do what I’m trying to do?
I’m used to recording on tape or hardware multitracks so my brain is used to having some space before the first beat - for example I might want to add a two beat lead in on the bass or something that comes to me spontaneously.
So usually I start recording at bar 2 but then (obviously) the ruler is one bar out which makes it (very slightly) harder to find bar 24 for example.
It’s a very small inconvenience and I know there are ways around all these “problems” but it would be great if I could slide the ruler along somehow?
I know my workflow is old fashioned but maybe there’s an obvious solution?

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Have you tried dragging the time signature (or tempo, I cannot recall this exactly) marker?

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Hi Jajcus - I THOUGHT I had tried dragging everything but you’re absolutely right, it’s the Meter marker. Thanks so much!

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