Change audio device setup of existing session

This is the most baffling thing about Ardour. Due to installing new sound drivers (VoiceMeeter), none of my old sessions will output sound. Is there seriously no way to change the output devices after the initial Audio/MIDI Setup dialog? It’s an especially difficult pill to swallow coming from Audacity, where I can switch back and forth using drop-downs in the toolbar.

And if it’s really impossible, is there a way to import sessions into a new one that has the right settings?

Thank you in advance for your help; sorry if this came off angry, I’m frustrated.

You can change input & output devices from “Window | Audio/MIDI Setup” - you’ll need to stop Ardour’s audio system to change the device, and then start it again.

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Wow. Thank you. I don’t know why that info wasn’t easier to search for…

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