Change a VST plugin initial settings from .ardour saved file

Hi there. I have a VST3 plugin (NDI Input and NDI Output) configured in my ardour file.

I’d like to be able to pass certain settings to the plugins via de save file so I can create a template.

After looking at the XML .ardour file I couldn’t quite see where the parameters are set. Any idea?

      <Processor id="6489" name="NDI Input" active="1" user-latency="0" use-user-latency="0" type="vst3" unique-id="543F6CA4C0EE481F89EA57C17DC26443" count="1" custom="0">
          <Channels type="audio" count="1"/>
          <Channels type="audio" count="16"/>
          <Channels type="audio" count="1"/>
          <Channelmap type="audio" from="0" to="0"/>
          <Channelmap type="audio" from="0" to="0"/>
        <vst3 last-preset-uri="" last-preset-label="" parameter-changed-since-last-preset="0">

Plugin parameters/presets are generally totally opaque blobs of data that are generated by the plugin and are typically not human-redable or editable.

In your case, the preset/parameters are encoded by the plugin in the <chunk> node inside the <vst> node. As you will see, you would face a significant challenge to try to adjust the preset by editing the file.

Thanks Paul and Merry Crhistmas! I will go the manual route of generating the data manually using the plugin UI and then see if copying it will allow me to make it a template.


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