Central repository for music

Hi. Is there a place where people can post/share music specifically made with Ardour? It would be cool if there were one such place. I just started learning the program yesterday but can already see that a lot of damn fine work is going to come out of it. There must have been a lot of damn fine work already done. Where is it?

Ardour is truly fantastic. Everybody should contribute generously to the project. All I can afford is a stinkin’ t-shirt for the moment, but more will be comin’ as soon as the flow starts coming in again. If nothing else, I’ll wear the shirt while I perform. That should get a few people interested.

Maybe I’ll set up a website… in the next days :wink: If someone is willing to help, I think that a really nice project could come out. My idea is to create a community of musicians that can share their creation and ideas about Linux Audio. If I’m not alone, I think we can come out with a very nice thing.

What kind of help do you need? It could be a really fun project, a place for people to share their knowledge and showcase their work.

I had a similar idea, but it languished. I had whipped together a couple of websites using Drupal (http://drupal.org), which has facilities for uploading and playing audio & video.


I currently have about 350GB of free space on the server.

I would be happy to help/collaborate with this idea.


Consider using Ourmedia, which lets you upload an unlimited number of audio/video tracks of any size/quality, as long as you release them under a Creative Commons license. It’s a pretty good deal.

Ready to start! The project has been approved by SourceForge and now it’s time to set the team up. My mail is drf54321 @ yahoo.it , and the project page is https://sourceforge.net/projects/osmportal
(Is there any way to merge those 2 threads?)

Well, i made a site with a friend where people can just share every kind of music with eachother.
But if you want to use our music for projects you have to ask permission to the authors, if you want to visit our site you can go to www.musicrepository.net
Maybe if you sign up at the forum you can make a thread about the music program you use and meet other people that use it there. :wink: