Cello & Accordion recording

(Xherbie) #1

I made some recordings for my duo. Mainly made for the website and possible future videos. Recording and mixing in Ardour on linux.

Listen on http://bekky-herbie.ch/de/media

Best regards

(Michael Willis) #2

These recordings are great fun. You both did a fantastic job of performing.

(Xherbie) #3

Thanks you for your positive review. In fact we are very happy with our music and these two instruments are fitting perfect together. The audience is mostly enchanted when we perform live (sorry for the bad English). Regards Herbie

(Michael Willis) #4

Do you have any recommendations about recording cello or other bowed strings, specifically in terms of microphone direction and distance from the instrument? I know people that play violin, viola, cello, and contrabass, and I’m trying to find the courage to invite them to record in my studio.

(Xherbie) #5

Yes, I used a T.bone sc-450 in ca. 1m distance of the f hole in ca. 45 degree angle (parallel to the cello body - means ca 1m over the floor). On the floor ca 1m distance I put a Shure MX393/C Boundary Microphone. I was checking that I have no phase issues. The Shure Mic gives me a round warm body sound of the cello. The T.Bone is more for the upper range of the instrument and in the Mix you can hear it in the lead voices. I you are to close then the bow is to loud. I found the optimal distance of the mic in 2-3 short takes until the musician was happy with the sound.
For the accordion I have a Rumberger TA3000X Mic system, which gives a perfect sound. I put an other T.bone on the diskant side of the accordion (1,5m distance). Some times the click noise of the keys is to loud when playing pianissimo parts so I can switch to the T.Bone where energy of the click noise is gone. Hth Herbie

(Len) #6

Very nice performance and recording. The Cello seems to be just the right range to do both bass and solo. The accordion provides nice contrast to that. Your T.bone mics sound much nicer than my AT2020, not shrill. The bigger diaphragm I would guess.

(cooltehno) #7

“perhaps… perhaps…” - the thing! Great performance!

(Xherbie) #8

@lenovens I tend to say that not the mic is the essential thing. It is the well balanced distance that makes the sound. I did a little bit of EQing with the cello to bring down the shrillness . Regards

(Info) #9


These sound great! Perfect balanced mix and a great blend of ambient and direct sounds, well done! So full sounding for duo…