Celeum PC - ARM based miniPC with DreamStudio and Ardour!

I just wanted to let you guys know about the launch of Celeum, my new company that makes embedded linux devices.

As part of an initial crowdfunding campaign, we’re offering the CeleumPC, which is a quad-core@1.7ghz ARM machine with 2GB of RAM and quad core 3d graphics. The important tidbit for users of this forum is that it dual boots Android and DreamStudio, with a full copy of Ardour (as well as Hydrogen, GIMP, and all the other software normally included in DreamStudio).

Check out our campaign and video here:

My t-shirt size is “XL” :wink:

nice idea, wish you good luck!
I’d like to have mini computer for my home studio myself, but I just do not want to change my pci sound card :slight_smile:

would be perfect for recording in my studio if it had firewire (maybe a feature in the future?), wish you good luck with that project! looks really great.

btw, did anyone try to run ardour on allwinner-based boards (like cubieboard/marsboard)?