Celeum DreamStudio 2015


Just dropping a quick note to let the open source world that Celeum DreamStudio (formerly Dream Studio) 2015 is now cross platform, bringing the end to end multimedia production power of what was formerly a Linux only project to Windows and Mac.

As we’re now expanding our userbase to other platforms, DreamStudio will no longer be offered as a full distribution, but rather a software bundle allowing users to create freely without having to start from the ground up by learning a new OS. Celeum DreamStudio 2015 supports Windows 7 and up, Mac OSX Mountain Lion and up, and Ubuntu 14.04 and up.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with EditShare to include their free (though not open source) version of the Lightworks video editor, used in hollywood hits like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The King’s Speech”, as well as Harrison Consoles for their inclusion of a trial version of Mixbus, a digital audio workstation (DAW). Harrison made consoles have been responsible for the sound of many classic albums such as AC/DC’s “Back in Black” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Though Mixbus is a commercial product, it’s based on Ardour, a fully Free and Open Source (FOSS) DAW.

For users who would like to give Ardour a shot, we include a testing version which is currently unsupported, but we’d love to hear feedback on your experience with it in order to get it ready for official release.

We’d like to thank everyone who supported us, and look forward to sharing creativity with many more users in the future.

To see more or try it out, visit http://www.celeum.com/dreamstudio

Thanks for your time,
Richard MacInnis - Celeum Technology


Glad to see you still around and kicking. I like the concept of Dreamstudio, and that you are differentiating yourself form many other options, I hope you do well. I will point out however, that some of us avoid Facebook like the plague, so requiring a ‘like’ on facebook in order to get dreamstudio, means we won’t be getting it. Yes I may be able to get around it, but many folks wouldn’t be able to.


hi macinnisrr

great news … but… i’m one of those described by seablade… no F.B…

Totally understandable guys, And you can always google DreamStudio’s sourceforge page for a direct link to the download (I’m not going to post that link for the reason I’m about to explain). As DreamStudio has always been free, in the 5 years it’s been running there have been 200,000 downloads, for which I’ve gained exactly 2 (at one point 3) subscribers at $10 a month. I realize that there are many models for monetization of products, such as soliciting donations, offering “freemium” versions, and charging for support. I’ve tried all three, and have come to conclude that it would still not make a lot of sense to abandon the project entirely as I’m going to continue to develop it for my own use. That being said, and in my desire to continue offering some version of DreamStudio to users, I’ve decided to implement the “pay with a like” feature for now to see how it works. I could post the direct download link, but it can be found, and for now a facebook like (viral advertising) is a small price to pay for a comprehensive project like this. I’m going to implement more “like” options, including twitter and google+ shortly, but may change the model to “pay what you want” (like Ardour) in the future, depending on how this goes.

Completely understandable in all accounts, I figured you had your reasons, just wanted to point that out is all. As I suspected, yep I could get a direct link but I wasn’t so much posting for myself, even though I am one of ‘those’ people:)


Cool idea for a buisness model. I hope it goes well for you!

very intersting really need to check this out.

I do the odd bit of video editing so id really like to try out the one mentioned. kdenlive is… interesting at the best of times


Nice to see some new activity, hope this new direction helps make your efforts worthwhile, all the best!