Celebrating the independent musician with Ardour!

Hi there!

Do drop by our website http://the-wknd.com - featuring live performances by the latest and greatest independent acts in the Malaysian and South East Asian region. Voted best music blog of 2011 by Juice magazine, we work hard at unearthing local independent talent - and quite a few acts have since gone on to achieve great things in the scene. We are proud to position ourselves as “tastemakers”, and work hard to curate the right acts to promote. We see this as our own little way of making a positive contribution to the industry.

Here’s the fun bit - for seasons 4 and 5 (episodes 31 onwards), we used Ardour to mix and master the tracks. So far we’ve done approximately 60 tracks worth of material, and for season 6 (Jan 2012) we’re looking forward to actually using Ardour to record the tracks too.

Standing ovation to the Ardour team for making such an excellent product. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Wonderful news, thank you for sharing, and I’ll definitely check out your site. You’re certainly right about Ardour, it’s an excellent tool for musicians and recordists, and it is IMO one of the outstanding achievements of open-source software development.

Continuing good fortune for everyone ! :slight_smile:


Dave Phillips