CD release AKP on emitter micro

In case you enjoy experimental music, (sometimes harsh) noise and radical improvisation: this was recorded, partly mixed and 100% mastered with ardour / mixbus and released on emitter micro & middleeightrecordings

There a some interesting sounds in there. Nice!

I’ve only listened to the first two pieces in full and don’t yet hear an overall concept of the arrangement. It’s rather a collage of sounds, without structure nor climax and the endings are also rather abrupt.

The first 4 minutes of “Scrollers Time” are nice. Perhaps worth a submission for the electroacoustic concert track at

thanks for your feedback. The original concept behind this release was a trio improvisation which we recorded, and then each of us took a part of that (multitrack-) recording and made an individual composition out of it. Therefore the pieces sound very different, as we had very different approaches to treat the material. and thanks for the hint to the lac! I will check that out.