CD marker questions

  1. Is it possible to add ranges to all CD markers in one go? At present I am right-clicking on every CD marker to create a “range to next marker”. I export both a wav+cue and individual digital files so I think I need both types of markers. Note: I’m often dealing with a single long region of a classical concert so splicing and “add range marker per region” are not options for me.

  2. If I place my first CD marker aligned with the start marker, when I open the location window the CD marker switches to a regular location marker. If I don’t open the location window, Ardour respects my placement on export and generates the appropriate CUE file with INDEX 01 beginning at the zero mark. Is the location window marker switch-a-roo a bug or a feature? As I mentioned here, most, if not all, DDP creation tools will add the red-book 150 frames of pre-gap if missing which seems more efficient than fiddling with inserting an exact 2-second gap in Ardour. In any case, It would be nice for the location window to respect the CD marker placement as I do like to use it to add track labels.

If one shouldn’t rely on external DDP apps to add the missing pre-gap, perhaps as part of the export format profile page there could be an future feature to optionally pad out the pre-gap if fewer than 150 frames? This would also respect existing pre-gaps greater than 2 seconds for deliberate hidden tracks etc. A further benefit would be that external DDP apps I am familiar with throw an error if any existing pre-gap is under 150 frames and will not proceed in the generation of a DDP.

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Further investigations into point 2 show that the editor list (when enabled on the right side of the editor pane) does not change the CD marker to a regular location marker if aligned with the start marker. I’m beginning to think the location window behavior is a bug…

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