cd burning osx

I just tried osx version of ardour and want to burn a cd dao with cd text -which cd burner prog is best, i tried downloading an osx version of cdrdao but cant quite work it out yet - any help out there?



anyone know if I can use roxio toast to burn an audio cd that includes cd text etc from an ardour export?

i am on linux here and cdrdao works here good, but the problem for me is to find a cd burner which will support the cd-text feature of cdrdao.
i know, this is not very helpful for you, but…


ah yes this is something else I didnt consider, as I have a low spec pc that I wondered about reviving as a cd burning apparatus as i understand ardour projects can be moved from osx to linux so long as some plugins settings are not important

Is there anyone who could offer guidance with ardour and cdrdao on osx - i have managed to get cdrdao installed ok -exported a 4410 16 bit wav and toc file, using cd markers from ardour - cdrdao seems to go through all the burning motions and ejects the disc telling me its finished but the disc is actually still blank??? It also completes in a few seconds before saying it has finished.