Ccs to control scroll, zoom and playhead?

Hi people!

It could be good to can bind CCs to mouse functions.

To use some CCs to control the horizontal and vertical zoom, the playhead position and the scroll.

One hand to move in the time and another in the mouse to insert events.

I used to make music with a MPC and I love this way to surf the sequencer.

Do you have some tricks to move better in the screen? I found too big and not fine the amount of Zoom or scroll with the mouse wheel.

Thanks for reading!

If it exists in a menu in the GUI, it can be controlled by MIDI CC.

Zoom-in, zoom-out, scroll… are not in the menu GUI, aren’t it?

I was reading the three pages of Generic Midi Bindig and I didn’t show any mention about that.


Zoom In and Zoom Out, and Scroll can be found under the VIEW menu:

So I believe the answer is that yes they are available.


EDIT: And to follow up with the above, try this link which is a list that you can CTRL+F to find text like SCROLL or ZOOM to find your commands to write into the binding map:

Thank so much!!! I will try soon! I hope I can keep this workflow method in Ardour!
I’m happy that it’s posible, Ardour rules!

I’m trying to make a midi map file, but the folder ./config/ardour6/midi_maps doesn’t exist, and if I make one with this name ardour don’t show the new .map … I’m searching in the ardour forum and in the Web and I don’t find the solution … Anyone nows where are/I have to put the .map files?

/usr/share/ardour6/midi_maps, sorry for the inconvenience

On GNU/Linux, Ardour searched for user-files in $HOME/.config/ardour6/midi_maps/*.map

On macOS it’s ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour6/midi_maps/*.map and on Windows %localappdata%\ardour6\midi_maps\*.map.

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