ccrma "snapshot" of ardour2.

Is there any way to get a “easy install” ccrma snapshot of ardour2? does one exist?
I’d like to expreiment and be prepared (and drewl a bit perhaps)

we have not even released a beta, and fernando has enough work to do without managing snapshots of our alphas or CVS images.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone with this bizzare request. I was simply wanting to “preview” the new product without building it. I often show my “real engineer” pals that use “PT” the “latest developments” of ardour to keep them up to date.
If the rare existance of free time rears it’s ugly head this weekend; I’ll do an ardour2 build.

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Unfortuantely, as with any “bleeding edge” project (stable or otherwise), you will be building from source and usually will be doing so manually (no automated process of DL, config, build, install).

CVS/SVN access is usually open and the source code usually compiles from any versioning depo – if there IS a problem compiling then you’ve found something and report it (this helps the developers too).

If you do it enough, you might even write short scripts to automate part of it for yourself. If the process works well all around, you might even release your build process. (I was thinking about a premature SlackBuild process for slackware myself)…

If you want to stay away from “CVS/SVN” because you concider it unstable in some way, then you need to learn/understand OpenSource better. Also if you checkout some code on a particular date, what I tend to do is rename the folder (suffix) with the date and if it is good (compiles, installs, works) – I will sometimes archive the CVS (making my own snapshot).

Hope this encourages you to take the jump (CVS/SVN) as it really isn’t a big deal. Sometimes you need to reconfigure your local autoconf tools for your local ( – otherwise the build process is like DLing a src tarball.