CCRMA and Fedora Core 5

I tried installing fedora core 5 a few weeks ago and installing the ccrma packages, but I had no love… I couldn’t find any rpms either, and compiling wasn’t working out for me so well… I reinstalled FC4. Anyone have luck with FC5?

There were a few dependencies that took some work to satisfy but it’s running fine. I did not log everything I did but it was really just following the hints from, doing whatever scons told me then going
scons install (as root).
Not all dependencies had RPMs on the Fed5 CDs. From the looks of the directory where I build things I needed to also compile from tarballs downloaded from the appropriate site (this list might not be complete):

  • jack-audio-connection-kit-0.100.0
  • raptor-1.4.8
  • liblrdf-0.4.0
  • libsndfile-1.0.15
Worth doing. I find the Gnome 2.14 desktop faster and lighter then the Fed4 Gnome. On that note, I tried but could not get Ardour2 version to run. I think it compiled with some complaint that I didn't investigate as I wanted to get recording.

Good luck - Grant.

Better late then never, I just ran yum as su and it installed all dependencies:

#yum -y install ardour

Dear Luke MacNeil, I have Fedora Core 5, and I have packages like ardour installed succesfully. I think you should search for rpms packages, a fantastic mirror of rpms is, here you can found lots of packages with their dependencies. I think you shouldn’t use yum,installations become easier but you can’t control deeply and easily what packages yum is installing.

Luke MacNeil Posted: Inserito da Luke MacNeil il Dom, 2006-04-23 03:01

Is there any way of controling what an rpm will install on your system anyway…

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

I am running FC5 as well and I simply followed the instructions of Planet CCRMA;

I had no trouble whatsoever getting all the music packages installed - including jack, ardour and all dependencies. Things are easy when you have a full repository like CCRMA with the stuff you need. Things tend to get messy if you download individual rpms or use more than a handful of repositories at the same time. Just updates / extras + ccrma has worked fine so far. I’ve used that since Red Hat 9…

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