Catalina, Ardour6, Behringer XR18, 2013 iMac 64-bit

I’m a rookie with Ardour and the XR18.
Looking for advice/guidance/tips from someone who has been successful with a similar configuration OR a pointer to some current guidance.

What do you need guidance with? What are you feeling that you don’t know?

Using my XR18 connected via USB to my iMac; before with Ardour 5.12 and after installing the most recent Ardour 6; the symptoms are the same:

  1. Ardour recognizes all 18 channels on the XR18
  2. I’m able to record, that is, I see the meter moving on the 1 channel I’m recording. I also see waveforms in the Editor.
  3. When I “playback” the recording I see meter moving in both the track and master. But no sound from iMac built-in headphone jack; from the XR-18 phones jack connected to my powered PA speaker; or from the XR18 XLR Main Left Out to my PA speaker.
    Note: I routinely play Apple Music from the iMac headphone jack to my PA speaker.
    I probably need a step-by-step guide. You see, I’m a drummer with years of Apple MacIntosh experience but zero experience setting up a recording configuration of any type.
    I watched UNFA’s (?) tutorials, but they don’t look like the Ardour that I’m looking at.
    I read the Manual, but it’s a couple of years old, and again, illustrations and terms don’t match what I see on my screen.
    I need to get this working as I have an opportunity to lay down drum tracks for another musician who uses Ardour Linux. He’s tried to help, but to no avail.
    My sincerest thanks for your quick response.


I can’t answer the whole question for you, but I will explain this part:

When you started Ardour you selected a device to use for input and output. Fortunately Apple makes it relatively for you to use different devices for input and output, even though this is generally a bad idea. However, whichever devices you do pick - those are the only ones that are going to be used. If you pick the XR18 for input and the XR18 for output, there is no way that you get any output via the headphone jack on your iMac. If you pick the XR18 for input and something else for output, there is no way you will get any output from the XR18.

It sounds as if you may still have problems even when using the XR18 for input and output. If that’s the case, someone else who knows a bit about the device will need to help you out, because I’m totally unfamiliar with it.

Try a few outputs, or connect them all to check

1+2 is usually default left/right output, but in your case that may not be true for the XR-18.

I got it fixed. It’s working. Thanks!

I don’t see a window like this at all.

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