catagorising VST-plugins

I read a tip similar to (or the same as) this one somewhere, but it’s not in here yet so here goes:

If you open a .fst file in your vst-folder with a text editor you will see it starts with the name of the plugin.
This is the name that is used in the “add-plugin-window”, so if you put a catagory-lettercode in front of it you’ll be able to see all your compressors by typing ‘com’ in the plug-browser (for example).

Does anyone know how to do something like that with ladspa’s?

Hmm, after some more testing I discovered this only works if the name of the .dll and the .fst are the same as the first line of the .fst.

So for example:

“com blockfish.dll”
“com blockfish.fst”

first line of “com blockfish.fst”:
com blockfish

This makes it easyer actually. You just rename the .dll before the first time you open ardourvst with the new plug, or you delete the .fst and then rename the .dll, and everythiing else is taken care of!