Careless Whisper cover

Hi folks,
I discovered and started using Ardour (on Linux) during spring and as I was bored at home during the confinement, not able to play with the band, I recorded and mixed this cover of George Michael - Careless Whisper to get familiar with the tool.

Vocals, guitars, bass and sax recorded through an Audient ID4 interface
Keyboards recorded with Ardour MIDI and using a-Fluidsynth plugins
Drums made with Hydrogen then exported to MIDI. Started with AVL drumkit for ease of use but ended up using individual a-FluidSynth to pick and chose the sounds I wanted …

Working with Ardour has been great ! Already on to other projects with it.

Cheers !


By the way, that’s what it looks like in the Mixer :slight_smile:



This dragged me back to the mid 80’s from the first drumbeats. I was sceptical at first since I think/I remembered that the song for me is/was kinda cheezy, but …
Absolutely love it, this track you nailed! made me want to load ardour at once and play with it.
1 coffee and a little smoke and Im on my way :wink:

Looking forward to hear them next projects!

Love from Norway! :slight_smile: <3

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Man, great job… you got me almost crying (in a good way)

This song is a true pop gem, and you did it honor.

See you performing all instruments and even doing a VIDEO amazed me. Normally I spent two or three weeks in a project and in the end I’m so tired I just want it to end.

Can you tell how much time it took to have all this done? And what you used for the video?

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Thanks for the kind words Pierre

I started recording during the lockdown, end of may (France) and finished on June 18th. Couldn’t finish before because I didn’t have my Saxophone at home :cry:
First version of the mix on July 2nd. Final version of the mix on July 8th
Add a couple of hours to “Master” (deal with Dynamic Range to fit Youtube requirements only really) and that was it.

I just recently shot the video scenes with my 10y old Canon DSLR and a cheap chinese action cam (for the close-ups) in front of a black cloth, lit with a couple of LED panels. That took me one day and a half ! Man I wish I had an assistant :laughing:
I finally assembled the Video with Pinnacle Studio. That also took about a week

All of this was done by spending a few hours here and there after work or on the weekends.

So overall, about 3 months !! But I learned as I went so hopefully I’ll be faster next time :wink:


Hi @timetre,

I think this sounds great! Everything is clear and mixed really well. Always liked that song and think you did a great job with it. Thanks for sharing!

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The world needs more smooth saxophone.


Great job, hope to see more of these in the future :slight_smile:

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