Capturing separate tracks over USB

Simple scenario: I have a vocal mic connected to channel 1 on my console. I have a guitar connected to channel 2. I want to play these simultaneously and capture them in Ardour as separate tracks that can be mixed indepentently.

I think I know how to do this on the console (ZED60 14FX) side. I enable the ‘record’ switch on the individual channels and the ‘record bus’ switch in the master section. I believe this will send the tracks separately as opposed to sending the mix.

The question is how to map these spearate signals to separate tracks in Ardour?

Thanks a bunch!

the trouble is that musicians do not like manuals :slight_smile:
you must read your zed´s manual first.
and learn to “patch” or “route” or “send” or “pan” your signals.
Master bus (SUM) consist of two L and R signals!
audio paths inside your zed pult, must know it all !
trust me i know what i m dooin´
veda_sticks opened that pandora box of pan pots.
ch 1 pan far left, ch 2 pan far right, ardour input 1 is signal panned far L
and input 2 is signal panned far R.
You record sum of/from master but you panned left and right, so you record “separate two chnls”

I actually like manuals. I am finding that the Ardour manual really doesn’t provide the level of explaination that I need. The problem is that I am fairly new to DAW’s and audio recording in general, so it is taking time to understand everything. Thanks for the replies.

I’ve found that most manuals doesn’t like me…:wink:

right, to get into channel routing in ardour.

easiest way is in the mixer. On the channel strip neer the top there will be a box with either a dash - or a number, if you click that you will get the routing dialogue. routing is easy you just click the box that is next to what you want to plugin in. its usually capture 1 for left and capture 2 for right…

You will need to make sure jack is using the right interface as it can defualt to the internel sound card. in jack set it to use interface USB


That desk only outputs 2 tracks that you can record to. Essentially the main mix, howver you can set it to take a subgroup or an aux.

Easiest way to get 2 seperate tracks would be to pan you guitar channel all the way to the left, and the vocal track all the way to the right. then connect capture 1 to your first track in ardour, and capture 2 to the 2nd track.

that will give you 2 seperate tracks.

routing is explained in the ardour manual.