Capture_2 Input Does Not Work - How to Fix?

I’m new to Ardour and I’m having a technical issue I don’t know how to resolve.

I’m recording a series of mono tracks right now. Basically when I load a new track, half the time it doesn’t record anything after I press record. I was eventually able to figure out why - it turns out that every other track uses something called “capture_2” for input. Capture_1 works fine, but when I use Capture_2 there’s no wave form and no recorded audio on the track. I have no idea what a “Capture 2” is or how to fix this.

I have developed a work-around. I can simply move the green circle over to Capture_1. But that means that I have to manually fix the input for every other track, which is an enormous waste of time. I’d like to be able to tell Ardour to make ALL the tracks record via input 1. Or, even better, I’d like to figure out what Capture_2 is, why it’s broken, and how to make it work for me.

I have no idea what would happen if I was recording stereo tracks, but I suspect this would be an even bigger problem then.

I’m using ALSA and a PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL, in case that’s relevant. Ardour 5. Ubuntu 18.04.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Have you tried plugging a microphone into each of your 22VSL inputs and seeing if you get signal? Either create two mono tracks with one input set to “capture_1” and the other “capture_2” or create a stereo track and see if you get a healthy stereo spread when you set the input to capture_1+capture_2. Unless I’m completely mistaken, your two “capture” inputs on Ardour should equate to the two physical inputs on your device.

EDIT: on my system (Ardour 6.2 and a UMC204HD), when I create two mono tracks I have options for “in 1” and “in 2”:

That’s an interesting concept! I think you’re right and will conduct a test when I have a moment.

The only thing is that it wouldn’t really solve my problem, since I’m usually only using one input - I still have to contend with the fact that every other track needs to be manually adjusted to make it usable, which is time-consuming and disrupts my workflow.

@Arius, actually on the audio/midi setup page you can choose how many inputs and outputs are available. Change it to “1” and you’ll find every created mono track will just use your first input!:

Hmm. On my computer in the field beside “Input channels” it just says “all available channels” in grey and won’t let me change it. What would cause this?

Update: I did manage to confirm that “capture_1” corresponds to the 1st mic input on my presonus audiobox, and “capture_2” to the second. I loaded 4 mono tracks and 2 stereo tracks and recorded myself saying “test” into a microphone plugged into the second input on the audiobox. The two mono tracks routed through “capture_2” recorded my voice, while the other two tracks, routed through “capture_1,” did not. The stereo tracks picked up my voice on both left and right.

You need to stop the audio system first using the button top right of the dialog box.

Hey, that worked!!!


Thanks so much, Bach.

All my new mono tracks now record my mic input.

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