"Canyon effect" for Native American Flute - Nakai's style

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to Ardour. I’m experimenting with sound edit software as part of my hobby - I play Native American flutes, it’s quite fun. And since I’m kind a geek who likes to learn stuff, part of my flute’s hobby is learning how to edit it with software.

Here’s my “I wonder how…” kind of question.

I’m trying to achieve this kind of weak reverb/echo/delay - so called “canyon effect” among NAFlute’s players, like on Carlos Nakai’s recordings: youtube.com/watch?v=ey5v268s7ZA

I tried some built-in plugins in Ardour, with no luck so far - truly, I’m an amateur…

Can anyone help me with this, provide some tips, suggestions, plugin names or actual settings to try create this cool “Nakai” reverb effect with Ardour? I would appreciate any help!


You would get a more technically adept answer by asking your question on the forum over at KVRAUDIO.COM, but what I’m hearing is about a 2-second stereo reverb tail with maybe 1/3 sec of pre-delay, most of the lows scooped out and the extreme highs rolled off as well. Basically, the kind of response one might hear inside a stone room with irregular diffuse surfaces, like a castle basement.

You might get lucky trying out the “IR” convolution reverb (http://factorial.hu/plugins/lv2/ir) which was listed here a few years back as someone’s favorite reverb.

Miking the flute partway near the fipple will probably give your sound the slight “chirp” it needs to balance against the darker reverb tone.

Haven’t heard the exact example you provided(On the road at the moment, sorry), but my experience with native american flute recordings is that the goal is to have a long reverb tail that sounds natural. Often times I will use a combination of a delay, and reverb for this effect, generally routing the wet output of the delay into the reverb, as well as the dry sound of the flute as needed, and then mixing in the wet of the verb to create a good balance, often times automating the wet return so that it is slightly lower during the phrase of the flute, and bringing it up after the playing of the flute is done.

Thank you for your responses, I appreciate!

I will apply your suggestions and see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

Do let us know how you get on and post a sample if you can. I’d be interested to hear it and to know how you did it if you get a good result.


Will do :).

So far, I’m stuck with IR plugin suggested by AP_in_DC, can’t even install it ;). Guess I spent too much time on KDE…