Can't View Controller Section of MIDI Track Automation

I’m having a peculiar issue, when I mouse over the “Controller” section of the automation menu in Ardour, nothing shows, just a tiny sliver of the likely unpopulated menu. Here is what most of the submenus in the automation menu look like for me

An here is the controller section image You can see a very small sliver of the menu, but nothing else. Any help would be appreciated.

*edit: I’m using Kubuntu 18.04 with KDE if that is any help.

Which version of Ardour are you using (Menu > Help > About)?
Is there an instrument plugin(s) on the track, if so which one? or have you selected a custom MIDNAM ?

In case a synth plugin announces that the synth can only support only a given subset of Controls, Ardour will limit the available controls to those.

Using Ardour 5.12 with sfizz, I will try some other plugins to make sure that isn’t the issue.

sfizz was the culprit, after switching to liquidsfz the menu appeared as normal, thanks for the help.

OK, that may explain this. Sadly, Ardour 5 does not allow to override information given by a synth (and also doesn’t handle empty lists correctly). This has been addressed by Ardour6.

There’s also ongoing work in sfizz to provide a good MIDNAM. I think you have to stay tuned.

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