Can't use virtual instruments

I tried to use Ardour with jackd and yoshimi for a very long time, but it only resulted in always having no audio whatsoever in the MIDI, even if stuff like the metronome continued to sound. I saw someone saying that jackd isn’t so necessary and you could do everything in Ardour6, so that’s what I’m trying to do. But I’m Very Lost. I can’t understand why the only instrument that I can choose while adding a MIDI track is Simple Synth, since it’s the only that has sound (the others are ACE Fluid Synth, ACE Reasonable Synth and SinGen, and I don’t know what they are), but changing the patch selector doesn’t change the sound to another instrument. I’m probably being real dumb, but I just wanted to know how to use these patches options like the music box, marimba etc. I’m trying to watch a lot of videos and search on forums but I only see people using Ardour with another programs or I don’t understand the answers.

You have to load a sample file in the plugin, usually with an .sf2 extension.
There are many, of varying quality, for free in the Internet. Also you probably have already one in your computer. You can search for it.

Also, AFAIK, the General MIDI synth should work as-is.

I saw a video that used the General MIDI Synth and found it weird that my program doesn’t have it… I should download it separately too? But I’m still a little bit confused, I should download extensions that will serve as different instruments? But what about the list of ones that are already shown in Ardour? And how can I search for one in my computer?

Ardour itself only includes a very minimal example synth (ACE Reasonable Synth) that has a piano-like sound.
Ardour comes with “ACE Fluid Synth” which can load .sf2 (soundfont files), and that’s it (*)

You have to get instruments elsewhere.

For Gnu/Linux, have a look at also search your distro’s package archive for LV2. For windows, macOS is probably a good start (Ardour supports VST2, VST3 and on mac AU plugins).

(*) binaries from do bundle some 3rd party plugins, notably a General MIDI Synth plugin. However those bundled plugins are not part of Ardour itself since not all of them are free software.

Thank you very much!

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