Can't trigger cue clips from my Launchpad Pro MK3


I’ve got my Launchpad Pro MK3 connected to Ardour using jackd and a2jmidid. I can start and stop playback with the Launchpad as a control surface and play and record notes with the pads, so I guess I’ve set it up correctly.

The real fun begins with using the Launchpad as a clip launcher, but I don’t understand how to set this up correctly.

Preferences/Triggering/Default trigger input is set to “LaunchPad Pro Pads”, so clips should be started with the pads, right? But nothing happens when I press a pad, and using “MIDI learn” from the clip context menu doesn’t work, either.

How do I have to configure Ardour to trigger clips with the pads?

Thanks :slight_smile:

8.0 (due for release tomorrow has full, builtin support for the LP Pro, no configuration necessary for Session mode clip launching.

The LP Pro is a fairly complicated device and there are several different reasons why what you are trying to do with MIDI Learn for clips is failing. There is a bug report on MIDI Learn failing for this on a number of other devices, but I have not been able to reproduce it myself, despite the quality bug reports from different people.

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wow, really looking forward to this, thanks very much :smiley:

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