Can't stop thinking about Arour!

Is this wrong? I’m sitting on my girlfriend’s brother’s deck on a perfect day with beer and cigars (and French bulldogs) and I can’t stop thinking about this software. I love that it’s open platform with so many enthusiastic users adding to it and lending their input. I love that I can customize my use of it from the ground up. Make my own unique set up from EQ on to any specific plugins I want. To me it sounds better and just “feels” better than the other options currently out there. Consumer vs. industrial! Digging the Harrison add on to boot. Something must be wrong with me! Cheers all!

Dude. You clearly need help. I would recommend either daily therapy, or more cigars and beer. :wink:

LOL, me too.

I just wasted 4 days with little sleep just to get Ardour, Jamin and Jack to work together on Gentoo x86_64 with RT Kernel patch.
It’s totally worth for it!