Cant select delete or move certain notes

I am sure I caused this issue, but I do not understand what I did, or how to fix it.

The problem, I cant select certain notes.

Normally or what I am expecting, is when I hoover over a note, I get this menu with delete in it.

This does not work for certain notes though.

Did I somehow group stuff, unintentional? Using internal edit mode does not change a thing.

Maybe I need to give more info ?

In settings midi copies are independent is checked.

When I try to select one note a red border appears around multiple notes.

You mean hover or when you right click it?

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yes, thats what I mean.

You are probably in grab mode. Press E to enter edit mode.

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I’m still none the wiser :smile: For me the menu comes up when I right click it.

It might be a bug, when I go from Grab Mode to Draw Mode selecting notes with the left click does not work consistently. Internal Edit mode is fine for me though and I don’t get anything where multiple notes are selected when they are not supposed to be.

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When I have used this, edit is for moving existing notes, and draw is for creating new notes.

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I am starting to wonder if there is a bug, maybe kde related?

I am how ever also slowly starting to understand Ardour better.

What I am used to in LMMS, draw a note then you can move resize copy it, what ever you want to do.
In Ardour this works different, as it takes an extra step.

I also found out what the red / orange border means.
It means I have selected something. When I go to edit deselect all, the border goes away.

The part still confusing me , is how I seem to have managed to group some notes.
I can’t select one, when I try, I select multiple notes. (and Ardour does not have a group mode like this)

I might give up on this project, and just start over. I am also gonna read about regions.
Maybe there is the key to my issue.

It’s not an “extra step”.

We have to decide whether the purpose of a drag is to draw a note, or to select existing notes.

Some DAWs will use a modifier for this, so that every time you want to change between draw and select, you must press the modifier (or not).

Ardour instead uses modes for this, so you press one key (“d” or “e”) to go between them.

We believe (with absolutely zero facts to substantiate this) that it is more likely you will remain in “draw” or “select” while doing several operations. Consequently, Ardour’s design requires less keyboard interaction than the one that requires a modifier.


Let me put it like this, coming from LMMS is a disadvantage when you want to learn Ardour.

There are however a few good reasons, why more LMMS users are switching to Ardour.
Most Linux plugins not working in LMMS is probably the main reason.

When it comes to which one is easier out of the box LMMS wins, but its probably only easier because its more limited.

Thank god for me being stubborn, I do not give up that easy. :slight_smile:

I know a few LMMS users who are now very happy with Ardour. (unfa probably being the most famous one)
When Unfa started with Ardour it drove him almost nuts too.

I also think you nailed it with your intuitive post, what is intuitive to one user is not intuitive for another user.
I also think that a coming feature will make me happy. The piano roll opening in a new window.
I can see long time Ardour users though wondering why somebody would want that.

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel though. (lets hope its not a train. :wink: )

Never give up never surrender, and I need study more on these nodes.

i en e dont work on the problem notes, but it works for the other notes.

To be continued, although I might just give up and start over. :slight_smile:

Keyboard shortcuts are ‘d’ for draw, and 'e’for edit. ‘i’ is not used in MIDI editing, that I know of.

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Thanks for the correction - I’ve edited my comment accordingly.


Lets try this, I made a screen shot.

This happens, and I want to point out the selection orange/redborder around 20 notes instead of the one note I try to select. There about 4 notes on a strike, the 2 first ones, from the left at C2 as an example.
Cant edit or delete those.

Most notes in the selected area? group? act normal.
Hoover over them, and it tells you what note it is. (and you have the option to delete) :slight_smile:

You have selected the MIDI region as the target for MIDI editing operations, but you have not selected any notes within it. Typically you would do that by doing a rubber-band drag around them.

In addition you appear to have overlapped multiple MIDI regions, which is generally a bad idea. You should likely consolidate the entire of selected regions (in grab mode (“g”), select them all, before continuing on.

Overlapping MIDI regions are a freqent source of confusion, especially for people without experience working in this style.

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Thank you now it makes sense, why I can’t reach certain notes.
Lets see how I can untangle the mess I made. :slight_smile:

I am tempted to blame UNFA for this. :stuck_out_tongue:
This is what you get when you read manuals :wink:

But to be serious, I found my main issue.
When I for example want to copy a note in the piano roll, my mind jumps to LMMS mode including the keys you use there.

I need to unlearn certain habits.

So I am very happy for not giving up yet. I still think the culture shock I have coming from LMMS, is totally worth it. :slight_smile:

Had a problem with a kick drum timing wise. The solution was to turn off snap mode.
Baby steps, and the Ardour gui already starts to feel less alien.

Not sure how many times, I can take it, to watch the midi master class…

But totally figured out how I messed up.

Its in draw mode, click + drag to create a new region…

Now I might just start a fresh project, because I finally figured what I was doing wrong.
First lets see though how those region work though, and how I can move them.

Resizing one I did figure out, moving not yet.

But I also now know what to search for. MIDI regions.
That was one frustrating part, I did not know what to look for in the manual.

Even though from years of working with also cad programs, I did notice Ardour selecting something I was not expected.

A joke/quote from me:

Computers are not made to work with people.
They always do as you say, but never what you mean. :wink:

move regions: switch to grab(ber) mode with the “g” key. Press mouse button 1 on a region, and drag to move it.

When you’re working with audio, you’ll be in “grab” mode most of the time, because you cannot edit the actual data. It is only with MIDI that you also need to sometimes be in “draw” or “internal edit” modes.

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When drawing regions, I would suggest you enable snap and set to bar for simplicity for now. It helps to keep things easy to edit.

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Bring in the dancing girls :slight_smile:

I managed to delete all MIDI regions I made unintentional.

Then I made the first region wider, and now its like what I tried from the start.

Now I can get back to getting the notes right, the bass drum of when the levee breaks.
That one is tricky at least for me, but it will be fun to get it right.

Finally I can work / move around the piano roll. Never give up up never surrender, and thanks for the help.

From what I found online, its 143 bpm. For now I will try this, and see if I can get that double base drum right this time.

Maybe I need to try to play it on my controller then record it.
Then at least I am using Ardour like its mend to be. :wink:

Also found sheet music of the drums, and although I am far from fluent with sheet music I did notice I was not doing it right.

Something else happened again, I pick some random I like to cover, and I end up in a world of pain.
Led Zeppelin did not often play this live. This is because of how the drum were recorded.
Some thing they could not do easily live :open_mouth:

Source, from 6.22 min and on

Vid starts with the original when he levee breaks, by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie.