Cant select a range or do editing on audio track

Using Ardour 2.8.12 with Linux Mint 13.

I have a master track and an audio track, I cannot select any ranges on the audio track.
According to floss manuals
I should be able to ti just click and drag but this does nothing on the audio track.

It works on the master track but there isn’t any audio on that track, I need to edit the audio one.

I need to edit/delete the first 30 seconds or so on the audio track but cant seem to do any editing in the audio track

Check you are in slide edit mode (as opposed to splice edit or lock edit modes) ?
It’s quite easy to change accidentally e.g by hitting the ‘1’ key.

Ok I was in splice edit mode and changed it to slide, but now I cant select ANY track weather its the master or the audio. :frowning:

Strange but it does seem to select the range I want to edit, it just doesn’t SHOW it selected.
There isn’t any grey box around the selected range.

2.8.12 is “old” at this point. Please upgrade, from if necessary.

the “1” binding for this has been removed in arodur3, because it caused so many people to accidentally enter an editing mode that led to such confusion.