Can't see MIDI keyboard in input list

Seemingly out of the blue, I can no longer see my MIDI keyboard in the input list in the Mixer (and Editor Mixer). If I hover over the input button, I can see my MIDI keyboard listed as an input in the little pop up. If I click on the input button, the MIDI keyboard is not listed. The MIDI keyboard shows up in all the MIDI-related preferences. Everywhere but the input drop-down. If I go into the routing grid, I can see the keyboard and enable it as an input. And it works. I get MIDI signals from the keyboard. This isn’t a horrible workaround but still annoying. And it’s still not in the input list even when Ardour is responding to input from the MIDI keyboard.

I’ve done everything I can think of to fix this, including uninstalling Ardour, deleting all preferences and configs, and installing fresh. Same issue. I purged and reinstalled a2jmidid. Nothing.

Any ideas?

Which version of Ardour is that and on which OS?

Since you mention a2jmidid, are you using JACK on Linux?

I’m running Ardour 6.9.0 on Linux Mint 20.2. I am running JACK configured with Cadence.

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