Can't see Calf plugins in plugin manager

I’ve installed calf-plugins v 0.0.19-2 via apt-get on my ubuntu 13.10 64 bit.

They works well from Calf Jack Host.

But from ardour plugin manager I see only LADSPA plugins.

Where are my LV2 Calf plugins?

Did you build Ardour yourself? If so which version?

Just removed ardour and build it from source, problem remains.

I only see one lv2 plugin:

Here’s my lv2 directories:

$ ls /usr/lib/lv2/
atom.lv2 calf.lv2 dynmanifest.lv2 instance-access.lv2 lv2core.lv2 morph.lv2 parameters.lv2 port-groups.lv2 presets.lv2 state.lv2 ui.lv2 urid.lv2 worker.lv2
buf-size.lv2 data-access.lv2 event.lv2 log.lv2 midi.lv2 options.lv2 patch.lv2 port-props.lv2 resize-port.lv2 time.lv2 units.lv2 uri-map.lv2

$ ls /usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/ Analyzer.ttl Compressor.ttl Equalizer8Band.ttl Flanger.ttl manifest.ttl Multibandgate.ttl Phaser.ttl Saturator.ttl VintageDelay.ttl BassEnhancer.ttl Deesser.ttl Exciter.ttl Fluidsynth.ttl MonoInput.ttl Multibandlimiter.ttl Pulsator.ttl Sidechaincompressor.ttl Wavetable.ttl Equalizer12Band.ttl Filterclavier.ttl Gate.ttl Monosynth.ttl MultiChorus.ttl Reverb.ttl Sidechaingate.ttl Equalizer5Band.ttl Filter.ttl Limiter.ttl Multibandcompressor.ttl Organ.ttl RotarySpeaker.ttl StereoTools.ttl $ ls /usr/local/lib/lv2/ sapistaEQv2.lv2

Ok I got them setting LV2_PATH environment variable to /usr/lib/lv2:

$ LV2_PATH=/usr/lib/lv2

Now the problem is the graphic interface of calf plugins.


Take a look at your build log, I will bet you will see in the configuration that you don’t have the most up to date dev libs for lv2 support.


I can’t find any warning about lv2 libs in build/config.log.

Here’s my versions:
$ dpkg --list |grep lv2
ii libslv2-9 0.6.6+dfsg1-2 amd64 library for simple use of LV2 plugins
ii lv2-dev 1.4.0~dfsg1-2 amd64 LV2 audio plugin specification
ii lv2core 6.0+dfsg0-2 all LV2 audio plugin specification (dummy package)

You are using the old libslv2 based lv2 libraries, you need the more up to date libsuil, lilv, serd, sord, etc… etc… collection of lv2 support libs.

I checked the list at and my versions are the same or newer.
libsuil 0.6.12~dfsg0-2
liblilv 0.14.4~dfsg0-1
libserd 0.18.2~dfsg0-2
libsord 0.12.0~dfsg0-3
lv2-dev 1.4.0~dfsg1-2

libslv2 is the 0.6.6, wich is the last version:

Am I wrong with something?

It doesn’t look like you are bringing in the -dev versions of those libs other than lv2-dev which is likely just libslv2. You would then want to check to make sure your build is actually using those, and if not find out why not, which likely comes down to your own system configuration.


Reinstalled ardour and calf plugins from source, nothing.
I’ve to set LV2_PATH (ok, it’s not a big issue) and don’t see the correct Calf graphic interface.

I’m so frustrated.
I will retry next week with a brand new installation of ubuntu 13.10 in a new computer.

Thank you very much for your support!

now Calf graphic interface works:

I installed lv2 from
and lilv from

rock n roll!

Please read carefully my last post, as that likely needed to be fixed long before you moved to anything you just mentioned.

If you are just going to start over with a new distro, I recommend using one that is actually designed for AV production like AVLinux or Dream Studio.


As for me, I made a link: ln -s /usr/local/lib/lv2/calf.lv2 ~/.lv2/calf.lv2
Ardour could do a better job at searching for plugins …

BrnVrn: ardour will search along LV2_PATH for plugins. You can set that environment variable to any value you want. Ardour does not search ~/.lv2 because that is a completely non-standard location to install plugins in.

You can also set Ardour’s plugin search paths in its preferences window: no hacking is needed!

Agreed, the issue is more on the Calf install side.
There is no point in hacking Ardour to compensate for all non-standard install.