Can't save plugin presets in Ardour 3.5.380

I recently upgraded my system as follows:

Lubuntu 14.04
Ardour 3.8.380
Calf LV2 Plugins 0.0.19
JACK 0.3.10

I cannot save plugin presets. I hit the ‘add’ button and nothing happens.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thank you.

if you have a demo ( free download Ardour ) presets are set off ( no “preseting”).

if you pay just 1 $, you have it!
(if you take source code, you can compile Ardour and have this feature)

Thanks for your message. I donated when I downloaded the pervious version and didn’t donate when I downloaded the current version.

So, I guess I need to donate again in order to download the current version.

No, you need to read the FAQ at Donating is entirely separate from paying for a download.

OK. Thank you.
I have paid, re-downloaded, re-installed and plugin presets are now working. Might I suggest that the tar file downloads be named with a full vs. demo designation?