Can't run

I cannot run the file

this is what I get:
brandon@brandon-VPCCW21FX ~/Programs/Ardour3-3.1 $ sh ./
sh: 0: Can’t open ./

do this:




hi! I’ve already downloaded and I couldn’t find “”. Meanwhile a couple of file that seems an instalation file: “waf” and “wscript” are in my ardour instalation directory. Anyone can help me? Brgds and many thanks

@renzogiova: you’ve downloaded the source tarball, not a binary ready-to-run package.

@paul many thanks for your response. I downloaded the source code because I didn’t find a binary ready-to-run package after pay. Could you send me a link? Brgds

renzogiova: there are no links. The download system doesn’t work that way. If you paid via and didn’t get a working link/redirect, email me your Invoice ID (via and I will fix things up for you.

I just sent an email with your request.
Tks and rgds