Can't rerecord a track unless I recreate it


Windows 10 / Ardour 5.12 / Audio Interface : Line6 HX Stomp

I had a problem with latency that I solved by installing ASIO4ALL but then another problem arised.

When I create a track, I can play live or record it flawlessly. If I save the project, close Ardour, and restart Ardour and reload the project, the track can’t record anymore. If I look the input I see 1+2 (stereo track) and some other. Even if I mark every hardware input to go to the track, the track seems to not receiving any input. If I delete the track and create another one, it works again. If I check the input I actually see (1+2). It means that the signal is actually available to Ardour.

I that normal behavior? If not how can I correct it?

Compare the input connections between the newly created track and the old one.

I assume you CAN record on the old one, but you only get silence?


I found the problem!

The Helix Native plugin, at the start of the session, needs to be reinitialized to work (or it just cut the input). There is a reinitialization button on the interface just at the left of the bypass button at the top of the window.

Feature request: automatic plugin reinitialization should be possible.

Sadly if I understand your issue correctly, this is entirely a problem with the plugin as no other plugin has this issue and seems to be related to how they wrote it. I am not sure I completely understand the issue though as I don’t use that particular plugin.