Can't remove fade

Hi - this seems to happen to me every once in a while: somehow I can’t get rid of a fade. I can find the fade grip at the corner; I can click and drag the grip. However the animating text label that normally decorates the drag of a fade operation remains locked at 00:00:00:00. If I cancel it and try to active the normal region context menu with right click I get instead a menu of fade power options. Probably I’ve overlooked something. Can anyone help?


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If you want to remove the fade from the selected region on the right, the corresponding fade grip will be the left one, inside the left region. I got tricked by this before, maybe this is your issue too ^^

I’m not sure you’re right, although I might not understand you completely.

If I grab the fade grip from 5.7.10 (top left) and drag way to the left, the fade closes and the animating label locks at If I drag it way to the right, the fade will eventually reach the length of the region, and then lock, with the animated text label locking at the number representing the length of the region. All as expected.

However if I grab the fade grip of either of the two regions in the bottom right corner and drag to the left or to the right, it immediately takes me into the fade mode (the mouse pointer turns into the special fade pointer), but the animated label remains locked at 0:0:0:0 no matter how far left or right I drag the mouse, and the fade regions remain locked, unmoving as shown in my image above. And the normal context menus for these two regions remain unavailable, as I can only open the fade decay-type menu with right clicks.

I more or less replicated your issue in Ardour 6.6.
In my case it seems I can still grab the fade grip of the last created region (even if it’s not layered on top) but not the other.

Moving around the region then changing the fades fixes the issue but I guess this qualifies as a bug.

Also it is a little bit bit impractical that region menu is not accessible form right clicking in this case but you can still select the region and use the top bar Region menu.

I got out of my jam, but not entirely sure how. I started by dragging the regions over to the right where each had more space around them to play. Thanks to you, I came to realize that I needed to be hunting in the bottom corner for a fade grip. However when I started moving that fade grip (and I only to move it by a single pixel) the mouse pointer would transform from the fade-modify mouse pointer to a region length modify pointer, and somehow I was modifying the length of the region.

I’m not entirely sure how exactly I was able to remove these fades but I can’t help feeling there may really be a bug where there is some kind of argument over what drag means, between a fade-modify operation and a length modify operation, when the fade occupies 100% of the duration of the region. Not sure. I’m running 5.12 for what that’s worth.

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