Cant record midi/no sound in step entry

Hello ardour users o/

I have a problem with ardour… I cant record my midi, i start recording, red thing grows and i play but dont record, and when i open step entry and play there i dont see any sound, Im just wanna to play midi/fabla with my keyboard and can record it, thats all, if somebody can help me i will be very grateful.

Thanks and greetings.

You must create a midi track, then connect your keyboard signal to the track input. To do so click the box at the top of the channel in the mixer view. Arm that track to record, then hit record in the primary transport controls. This will record the midi. If you want to record the audio output you will need to “bounce” it live. This means you connect the output of the midi track with fabla in it to an audio track, arm that one to record instead of the midi and record the resulting audio.

Check out this tutorial video/article:
Hope that helps.

now i dont have audio in ardour at all and dont know why… ;/

Ahh sound is fine now, but what keys i should use for play ? when i type “123456789” its changing some things in my ardour, but which keys i should use for play and where ?

I think the assumption was that you would have a hardware MIDI or USB-MIDI keyboard to use for control.
If you do not you can try jack-keyboard to use as a virtual keyboard.

And when i have it what sould i do ? Please for guide step by step how to set this with ardour and work with fabla, i will be grateful for that.