Can't record from 'zero' on timeline, but fine a few bars in.

If I hit the ‘home’ key to return to zero and then record a take, the take disappears as soon as I end it. Nothing gets recorded.

If, on the other hand, I set a marker a bar or so in and then record a take from there, it works fine.

Any ideas on that?



I have the same issue. It happens only when using Jack sync from what I can tell.

When recording from “zero” the track display shows just pink bar instead of a region being created.

I have double checked the timing everywhere I could think of because it is obviously a time issue with jack transport.

Any ideas?

I was playing around with an old Fostex4050 midi sync unit recently. For those who don’t know it was used for syncing midi devices with reel tapes (still is!) and I remembered having to offset the time to prevent the tape from flying off the reel at the beginning and end!

Is this ‘record from zero’ issue maybe a throwback to this practice? Doesn’t seem necessary anymore, but I wish I knew if it was intentional so I could quit fiddling with it and wondering if I’m compensating when I shouldn’t be. :frowning: