can't persist recenable control per track - per session assignment works

hey folks,

when i assign a controller button of my midi controller manually, ardour keeps this setting for the current session, but can’t persist it.

i get

<controllable name="recenable" id="67747"/>
<controllable name="recenable" id="67747" event="0xb0" channel="15" additional="0x43" feedback="yes"/>

in the config.

when reopening the project, ardour complains:

[WARNING]: Generic MIDI control: controllable 67747 not found (ignored)

I’m running Ardour 2.2 on 2.6.23 rt.

Any ideas?

nothing immediate. its almost certainly a bug, one that will be fixed in 2.3. sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you paul!

I have no inconvenience by Ardour. I have to thank for this excellent software.

For all users of a “BCR2000 Controller” I have a bcr2000ardour.syx and bcr2000ardour.template.
I spent many hours around this template to create. You can control 1400 different rotary controller and 147 different buttons.
Download it here.
The user manual is unfortunately only in German.

Everything works well.
Not all … the recenable button perhaps work on ardour 2.3