Can't Open New/Another Session From Within Ardour-8.0/8.1

Hey guys since the official 7.5, I’m not able to open another session within an already open session. Ardour crashes pretty consistently on the official 7.5, 8.1 and the 8.0 flatpak. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Do you have some control surface enabled (Ardour > Preferences > Control Surfaces)?

Thanks Robin! I had websockets enabled. This seems to work now after disabling it.

EDIT: Scratch that. It works from one open session to another but crashes when trying to open another.

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Does the other session perhaps have websockets enabled?

and if not, could you get a crash report ?

Ah ok. Sorry didn’t think it was per session but a global setting. It does work after disabling anything in Control Surfaces for the sessions I’m switching between. Thanks again!

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