Can't open a 7.2 file in 7.3 - AVL

My session file hangs at ‘Setup Editor’.

Any suggestions?

Hi, out of curiosity which version of AV Linux? The latest 21.3?

Will it open in safe mode (plugins turned off)?

Could it be related to this same thing?

How do I tell? I installed it months ago.

So it does, it turns out it’s a bunch of plugins that were working fine in Ardour 7.2 and before. Unfortunately these are crucial plugins to the project and my overall workflow…

Upon further investigation the plugins work in new session files so I think it’s just a version issue. Is there any way I can fix this?

What does Menu–>System–>About AVL-MXE say?

Version of what…? Ardour?

MXDE-EFL 21.2.2, and I’m using Ardour 7.3 atm, whereas I started this project in Ardour 7.2.

So not really using AV Linux, using it’s lab rat sibling MXDE…

I’ve lost track, so you have a session from 7.2 not opening in 7.3, is that still the case? MXDE has less Plugins than AV Linux and to my knowledge there are not any problem ones.

Are you an Ardour subscriber? If so you could try a nightly Ardour build because there were still some VST3 issues in Ardour 7.3 if I’m not mistaken…

Which plugins do you refer to?

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