Can't move to location

I have a multi-track song I recorded with Ardour (Ubuntu Linux). I can play the song just fine and record new tracks but I’m unable to move to any location in the song. I have tried using the location slider (the red thing…what is it called?) as well as use the location dialog (CTRL+L). The red bar will go to the location but instantly snap back to the where I had stopped/paused the song.
I just upgraded to 2.8.11 to see if this would fix the issue but it is still there.

I have a few projects like this and other that do not have this issue. I’m thinking I must have accidentally turned on some feature but I have no idea…

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


You probably have “Grid” turned on, with “markers” selected. So it always snaps to the “start” marker, it won’t let you click anywhere else.

Switch the “Grid” selection (its a menu under the transport buttons) to off.