Can't move regions to another track

I’m on Ardour 6.9.0 on Mint 20.2. I can’t move any regions - both audio and MIDI - to different tracks. (With the grab tool) Left-click + drag, middle-click + drag, nothing works. I can ctrl + left-click + drag to create a copied region on a different track, but I’d rather create a copy every time I want to move a region to another track. Moving a region within the track it is already on works fine.

I’ve looked all over the place for someone with this issue and can’t find anything that’s helped. I’ve been through all the Ardour settings/preferences/properties that I know of and haven’t found anything useful. All the tracks are active. I don’t have any weird mouse bindings getting in the way. I’m not moving MIDI to audio, stereo to mono, or vice versa. I’ve been troubleshooting this, without success, for longer than I’d like to admit.

Do I have some lock setting enabled? Help.

What edit mode are you using?

Are using “Ripple”, or “Ripple all”? Those prevent moving regions across tracks. Switch back to “Slide” Mode.

If that’s not it, perhaps a screenshot of the editor can shed some light.

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That did it! I was in Ripple mode (which also explains some of the other behavior I was noticing). I knew there had to be a simple setting change I wasn’t aware of. Thank you for the quick response. You have saved my weekend.

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