Can't listen what is supposed that recorded (Output different source than input)

Hey there, brand new on Ardour and recording audio here. I running a Ardour 4.6.0 on linux Mint 18.x

When i want to start a session, i can’t select input and output from a diferente source (see image)
I have a Audiotechnica AT2020+ and i want to hear what is recording.


If i select input diferente than output, i get this error: “Audio device not valid”

If i select input same than output, the session start but i can’t hear nothing

The hardware is working just fine because i test it on audacity.

If i select “jack” instead ALSA don’t let me select output for listen.

In this post:

I read this but i can’t understand how solved this issue. Install Qjacktl or not?

Please, any tip will be apreciated.

  1. Please stop using Ardour 4.x immediately and get Ardour 5.12

2 Ardour’s own ALSA audio/MIDI backend cannot be used with different input and output devices. This is not a recommended way to work with pro-audio. If you really need to do this on Linux, you will need to use JACK (though it is still not a recommended way to work).

Hi Paul,

  1. I just downloaded what is available on Mint 18.x, i don’t know. So, i’ll install 5.12 instead

  2. Ok, i’ts seem that i have to use qjackctl, i understand that is the only way. But i curiose, how people work on recommended way, listening what it record?

Thanks for all !

That won’t work either. While qjackctl allows to configure different devices, that is only for special cases where the device share the same clock (word-clock sync, or ADAT).

If the devices do not share the same clock-source, they’ll drift apart and there will be dropouts.

Please see:

You should use an audio interface that handles playback and capture (“recording”) at the same time. That means avoiding USB microphones and USB headphones (ditto for Bluetooth headphones or speakers).

These are not intended to be used in pro-audio/music creation work. It is possible to make them work, but for reasons that Robin described, it’s always less good than using the right equipment.

Ok guys, i’m thinking aloud…, maybe i can record in another software a later import the track to Ardour, and make changes there.
That sounds feasible to you?

i just trying to record my instruments better.


You can do that if you wish, but your fundamental problem remains the same whatever you do. All digital audio work should be done with a single sample clock. If you use multiple digital audio devices (like a USB microphone and some other device for listening) then there are 2 sample clocks.

You may not notice the problems right away. You might not notice them ever. But this is not the correct way to work with audio, and companies like Audiotechnica should be ashamed of themselves for selling this sort of equipment as if it is sort of “pro”.

For the record, if you do this on macOS, it doesn’t get rid of the problems - the OS just hides them and does what the “complicated JACK-based solution” does, but out of sight.

Thanks Paul for reply and all the information.

Have a nice day.