Can't install


I would like to test Ardour before migrating to Ubuntu (from WinXP).
I use VMware Server, everything seems to be OK, I’m able to install soft like Audacity… but when I choose Ardour GTK in the “Sound & Video” section of the Ubuntu Add/Remove, I have this message (in french sorry) :

“ardour-gtk-altivec” n’est disponible sur aucun canal logiciel.
L’application ne fonctionne peut-être pas sur l’architecture de votre

When I try, apt-get install ardour-gtk,… hey, it works!!
Sorry guys, I was just trying when typing this message…

But a question anyway : on this website, we are told to install with the Ubuntu Add/Remove function… But it’s not working… Anyone knows why?

Thanks and see you later for a track maybe :slight_smile:


The ubuntu people are responsible for packaging and distributing the packages provided by the ubuntu repositories. You should ask this question from the ubuntu people. Thanks for notifying us of this, we’ll keep this in mind in case other ubuntu users run into this issue.