Can't hear myself recording MIDI

You are all allowed to laugh but I thought I was smart - Instead of having 8 MIDI tracks, each hosting their own instance of Calf Fluid Synth, I created 1 track with the plugin and 8 MIDI tracks that I routed to it. Thought I was all economic and whatnot. Seems to work, too: I get all the right sounds, each one playing back the instrument for the channel while playing around. But as soon as I start the “tape”, in order to hear the metronome, or even hit record - nothing of what I’m playing arrives in my headset. Nothing shows in the meter. Soon as I hit stop, there’s the sound again.
I have both the “monitor input” buttons on.
What’s wrong? I still think I’m smart but I’d acknowledge defeat if it was my fault.
I looked up every “MIDI” in the forums and see lots of difficulty with it. But I found nothing about this special problem.

In Ardour 5, you can opt to monitor while recording (most people do). But you can only choose one of either the existing material on disk, or incoming data. You cannot monitor both.

In Ardour 6, you will be able to do this.

Ardour 5 works this way because this “dual monitoring” or “cue monitoring” is much less often needed when working with audio (typically you use a different track).

Both? Do you mean all 9 (of all tracks)? Explicitly enabled (fully lit, not just the yellow outline)?

Is the synth connected to all track inputs? You probably have to disable “Preferences > MIDI Ports > MIDI Input follows track selection”. With an Input -> Track -> Track [synth] -> … routing, selecting any track will disconnect the input synth.

In Ardour 5, the more common case is to use a MIDI-bus (not a track) with the synth plugin. Connect all track outputs to the synth-bus input. And make the tracks monitor “Disk” (not input), so you can hear previously recorded material. Then also connect the synth to the MIDI-bus for live-audition.

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YES Robin! The next time I want to feel smart I’ll say something like “use a MIDI-bus”! And I thought my idea was so good. Thanks again!!

Never thought of doing this. Thank you!