Can't hear midi track

I’ve had much success with Ardour 3 thus far and today was trying to add a fake bass-line to my song (I’m new to recording but been playing for years). Up until now I have only been recording guitar tracks and hydrogen tracks with ardour (been fussing with plugins mainly). I tried to use LMMS, then sync up with Ardour like Hydrogen does, but I didn’t find much luck, it just won’t sync with Jack like the other two do. In my googling to solve the issue I watched a video showing how to add a midi track in ardour, open the pianoroll and plop down some notes, etc etc. I had hope as this seems to be the same thing I’m doing in LMMS to generate my fake bassline.

I dont hear the midi track at all. Everything else I hear, I just can’t figure out how to hear the midi tracks (I can see them making noise in the mixer when their notes come up). My external USB device is a simple 2x2, is that my issue?

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To clarify, since this seems to be a common misunderstanding: Ardour will make ZERO sound with MIDI by itself. To “hear” MIDI you have 3 choices:

  • Connect the output of an Ardour MIDI track to hardware MIDI ports that are in turn connected to an external synthesizer
  • Connect the output of an Ardour MIDI track to another application that can use MIDI to drive synthesis
  • Add an instrument plugin to an Ardour MIDI track, which accepts MIDI input and generates audio output
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Hmm… I do not, and I’m not sure how to but I’m headed back to the manual to figure out what that is and how to use it :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks for the add’l info paul, I think my mind is pointed in the right direction now :slight_smile:

Do you have a virtual instrument plug on the track?


MIDI editing problems

I wanna tell you that I have multiple random crashes with the last stable version of Ardour3 purchased on the official site when I edited MIDI tracks.
Especially, when I am overlapping clips with notes, controls and so on.
I only connect the MIDI in and out of my Delta 1010LT into their respective ports when I use my hard synth.
At times it works fine, but suddenly occurs the crash.
I have not registered the output error type, but I think it’s a software instability.

Warm regards and good job!


Report it via the bug tracker…

Well, I get something like Alfredo, eg pan a MIDI track just crash A3.