Can't hear audio on Linux


Novice here.

I created a new session and added a MIDI track. I can see that when I press my MIDI keyboard’s (AKAI MPK Mini 3), the volume (?) bars move however I can’t hear any audio:

Any ideas what could I be missing?

Edit: just noticed these 2 errors:

2021-02-17T00:24:56 [INFO]: AlsaAudioBackend: adjusted output channel count to match device.
2021-02-17T00:24:56 [WARNING]: AlsaMidiIO: Cannot acquire realtime permissions.
2021-02-17T00:24:56 [WARNING]: AlsaMidiIO: Cannot acquire realtime permissions.
2021-02-17T00:24:56 [WARNING]: AlsaAudioBackend: cannot acquire realtime permissions.
2021-02-17T00:24:56 [ERROR]: Failed to create slave device 'hw:Audio,0' error -2

2021-02-17T00:24:57 [ERROR]: ALSA failed to add 'hw:Audio,0' as slave
2021-02-17T00:24:57 [WARNING]: Video-monitor 'xjadeo' was not found. Please install (a custom path to xjadeo can be specified by setting the XJREMOTE environment variable. It should point to an application compatible with xjadeo's remote-control interface 'xjremote').

see also
2021-02-17T00:24:57 [INFO]: Loading menus from /app/etc/ardour6/ardour.menus
2021-02-17T00:25:12 [WARNING]: Falling back to Reasonable Synth for Midi Audition
2021-02-17T00:25:12 [INFO]: Loading plugin order file /home/nocturnal/.var/app/org.ardour.Ardour/config/ardour6/plugin_metadata/plugin_order
2021-02-17T00:25:12 [INFO]: Loading history from /home/nocturnal/Untitled-2021-02-17-00-24-49/Untitled-2021-02-17-00-24-49.history
2021-02-17T00:25:12 [INFO]: Untitled-2021-02-17-00-24-49: no history file "/home/nocturnal/Untitled-2021-02-17-00-24-49/Untitled-2021-02-17-00-24-49.history" for this session.

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