Can't get the OverTone DSP VST plugins to work.

Hi. Bit of a newbie question here, but I’ve read various forums (including this one) and can’t solve my problem.

I wanted to install the demo version of an OverTone DSP plugin. I downloaded the file and extracted the x84-64 installer script and ran it. I pointed the installation to the /usr/local/lxvst path I had previously created (the permissions to that folder are root). A single file seems to have been placed there.

I then set a path (using export PATH=/usr/local/lxvst ) in my .bashrc file.

Firing up Ardour 4 I can’t find the (demo) plugin anywhere.

What am I doing wrong? Is it a permissions issue on the /usr/local/lxvst directory?

Where are you looking for the plugin?

OK, so I fixed it. Edit > Preferences : Plugins

My particular path was not on the list of paths. Thanks for your response though.

@evertonpaul: I’m the developer of the OverTone DSP Plug-ins (and formerly the linuxDSP software) - if you have specific problems relating to installing / using these plug-ins - on any OS - there’s a contact form over at the site:

Someone (normally me) will get back to you as soon as possible and will most likely be able to advise on how to fix any plug-in specific issues - this might be preferable to using the Ardour forum to debug such problems.