Can't get plugins to show parameters


I have Ardour .99.3 installed on Suse 10.1 with the LADSPA plugins installed. Ardour is working well for most things with my Tascam US-428, even though I’ve only gotten the first two inputs working so far.

My problem is this: I can add a pre- or post-fader effect by right-clicking on the empty spaces and choosing a plugin; however, after the plugin has been added, I can’t seem to bring up any parameter screens by double-clicking on the plugin name. The plugins seem to be working, I can hear them working but can’t seem to access any of their parameters.

Am I overlooking something? I tried double-clicking, right-clicking, activating/de-activating them, etc, but still am having troubles.

Ctrl-right clicking’s the ticket. double-clicking used to work, I don’t know where that went though.

I’ll give it a whirl.