Can't get midi track recording

Hi, I am a newbe have installed the latest version of Ardour running on openSuse 13.1 (latest version) with 4 core AMD and 16 gig of ram. Sofar I created 2 songs successfully. My problem is that I can not record form my CASIO USB keyboard in to the Ardor midi track. The midi signal does come into the system eg. ZynaddSubFx does recognise the midi input and I can route it into an audio track as wave format… That is visible in Qjackctl. In a tutorial video (they using Ardour 3, something may have changed by now) they showed a connection in qjackctl/connect miditab the capture which was connected to the Ardour midi track. This connection option is missing on my system.
Things may have changed since verion 3. What do I have to do to make it work ?

Thanks Otto

Try this in a terminal

a2jmidid -j default/code>

Hm … this command (a2jmidid -j default/code>) is not known in my system !?!

apoligies i messed up the forum code

a2jmidid -j default

The same, the command “a2jmidid” is not known in my system. What SW might be missing ?
The issue seams to be that I can not route the USB midi signal into Ardour, respectively I do not know how to. As I said above (via qjackctl) I can route the signal into ZynaddSubFx. All the necessary connection options show up in qjackclt but not for Ardour. I wonder if I am missing an interim step.

Thanks Otto

Loaded the SW, patched it in qjackctl … and … it works ! ! !

Thank you and cheers Otto

Note that (most of) the functionality of a2jmidid is built into the latest releases of JACK1. No need to start it up separately.