Can't get midi connections to work

I have a Windows 10 PC, a USB - MIDI interface and a DX7 keyboard. I can’t seem to get Ardour to record from the DX7 through the MIDI interface. I installed MidiOX and I can see midi messages coming from the DX7, so I know the USB to MIDI interface is working. I’m not sure how this should be configured - do I need to use Jack? I don’t see the USB/MIDI device in the Jack setups…

There is never a need to use JACK.

What MIDI devices/inputs/outputs are listed under the “Hardware” tab in Window > MIDI Connections?

Thanks for the quick response.

I see USB MIDI there now - I think the problem was I wasn’t using PortAudio (default) in the Audio/MIDI Setup, Audio Systems field. I set Input device to Microsoft Sound Mapper input and output device to Microsoft Mapper output. I calibrated the MIDI devices (using a sort of null modem MIDI cable to connect IN to OUT). It came up with a latency value of 693 for input and output. Then, as I said, I could see USB MIDI in the Window/Midi Connections windows. Recording did start working then. Progress!
I turned on the metronome, adjusted the tempo and tried recording something in time to the beat with a lot of syncopation. It did record, but playing it back, it didn’t play the notes at the exactly the right times, and I think it wasn’t turning the notes off either. I think it was set to quantize to the quarter note. I’ll try adjusting that tomorrow.
The other odd thing is that the feedback light is flashing continuously - even though there should be no MIDI feed back - I only have MIDI IN connected. Still flashing even after I unplugged the USB/MIDI adapter.

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