Can't get guitar direct input into system

My bad, didn’t realize you were running Guitarix standalone. The Guitarix plugins don’t need JACK. Last time I checked it was not that straightforward to copy a standalone preset to a plugin based setup though, not sure about the current situation.

Guess I could have said that better…
I was agreeing with you about going to the alsa system for recording.
He said he played through the guitarix program for that jack would be required.

Last time I played with the guitarix plugins in Ardour I was using jack. But I think plugins use what the daw is using.

Plugins are processed entirely within the host program, so using the guitarix plugins you would not need to use JACK. I do not use guitarix myself, but the last time someone commented about the plugins the situation seemed to be that the plugins did not have every feature that the stand alone guitarix program has, so you could not exactly replicate an existing guitarix setup.

Thanks for clearing that up.
As I’m not a guitarix user this has taken a unforeseen path🧐
I was giving Jeremy’s post about using alsa not jack a thumbs up that’s all.